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Car Warranty

  • All sales are final.
  • If, within warranty time period, a mechanical part proves defective, seller will, replace the part.
  • Seller is not responsible for or liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damages.
  • Unless labor warranty has been purchased, no warranty or reimbursement on labor under any circumstance.
  • No refunds.
  • No warranty on seals, gaskets, fluids, or coolant.
  • In the event a mechanical part is defective, and a replacement is not obtainable, refund will be made by company check, with original receipt.
  • All sheet metal, glass and body parts are sold as is.
  • Non-rebuildable or incomplete cores are not acceptable for credit.
  • Damaged or altered parts are not warranted.
  • Please keep this invoice. No claim or warranty without this invoice. Any part that is not marked with Schmidt’s markings will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  • No claim made on body parts, colors, or trim packages.
  • Overheating voids all warranties.
  • Unless stated otherwise on the face of this invoice, no other warranty is made or implied.
  • Seller is not responsible for buyer’s error.
  • If, at seller’s sole discretion, a non-warranty return is allowed, a restocking fee charge will be applied.
  • If you have a problem, contact Schmidt’s prior to removing part or attempting any repair to part.
  • Schmidt’s makes no claim as to the suitability of any part for a particular purpose. Buyer is responsible for determining suitability of parts purchased for purposes intended.
  • $35.00 fee on all returned checks.
  • Buyer shall be liable for costs and attorney’s fees incurred by Schmidt’s in pursuit of collection of debt. 1-1/2% per month (18% per year) finance charge on overdue balances. In case of litigation, venue shall be Hortonville, WI in Outagamie County.
  • All electrical items are sold AS-IS and are NON-REFUNDABLE!
  • Special orders and body cuts are not refundable.
  • A minimum deposit of 50% is required for all special orders.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Parts and deposits left over 30 days shall be forfeited.
  • Seller is not responsible for delays in any freight shipments from any carrier. Freight delivery is beyond the seller’s control.
  • All conditions listed under terms of sale(above) apply.
Engine Warranty
  • All engines are stamped and have a heat tab installed which has a center that will melt if the temperature exceeds 255 to 260 Fahrenheit. If this heat tab is melted the warranty is void. If your original part failed because overheating, we strongly recommend that you remedy what caused it to fail, so that future parts will not be ruined. Also, it is required that these items be followed to manufacturer requirements and specifications to protect the warranty of the purchased parts.
  • Used engines are guaranteed not to have cracked block, head, or bad crankshaft. Parts external to the cylinder block and the cylinder head(s) (i.e., carburetor distributor, fuel pump, etc.) are not warranted. These may be left on the engine for the installers convenience ONLY.
  • All conditions listed under terms of sale (above) apply.
  • Used engines guaranteed against rod knock, excessive smoking, and excessive oil consumption.
  • It is recommended the buyer replace the rear main seal and inspect all gaskets prior to installation.
  • Used engines must be installed by a certified mechanic.
  • All parts on the engine at time of sale must be returned with the core engine for the core credit.
Transmission warranty
  • Transmissions must be installed to current OEM specifications for a new transmission install. Transmissions must be installed by a certified mechanic. Failure to flush and flow test the system on your vehicle will void warranty.
  • Improper detent adjustment, low fluid level, on automatic transmissions-failure to install new filter(s), broken front pump, or improper installation voids all warranties.
  • All conditions listed under terms of sale (above) apply.
  • It is recommended buyer replace front seal prior to installation.
  • Flushing the transmission itself will void warranty.
  • This warranty does not include coverage of sensors, gaskets, electrical components, wiring, brackets, belts, pumps, filters, hoses, seals, or fuel related parts or emission related valves or manifolds.
  • This warranty is a parts exchange warranty. If we do not have the part in stock to replace the defective part, Schmidt’s reserves the right to choose between: (A) repairing the defective part, (B) locating a replacement part (which may cost more than original price), (C) providing a refund or the original purchase price.
  • This warranty does not include coverage for the cost of any labor or any other expense incurred by the purchaser (optional installation warranty available for an extra cost). These costs include, but are not limited to, towing charges, loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, inconvenience, lodging, oil, filters, antifreeze, telephone charges, car or truck rental, gaskets, or seals.
  • Installation is not done by a certified mechanic.
  • Installation of part(s) in any non-stock application (off road racing, conversion, fleet or commercial application, etc).
  • Dismantling of part(s) for any reason.
  • Improper installation or handling.
  • Warranty only applies to the purchaser shown on this invoice.

Warrantor whose name and address appears above warrants all parts for warranty period on invoice from date of purchase. In event of defect, promptly notify warrantor. IMPORTANT: The obligations of the warrantor are limited to replacement only as provided herein. Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are limited to the same duration as the limited written warranty provided herein. Warrantor shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages included but not limited to installation, removal or use of this merchandise.

Other Conditions

Mechanical Parts

  • Flush, drain, and replace fluids to systems manufacturers suggested fluids types and levels.
  • Install new seals, gasket, filters, bolts, plugs, sensors, boxes, thermostats, belts, hoses, lines, cables, coolers, wires, emission valves or any other type of required part not covered under warranty and/or OEM specifications.
  • Properly align/tighten all parts to manufactures suggested specifications.
  • Flush cooling system and refill to appropriate level. NOTE: when interchanging between years and models it may be necessary to change wiring, linkage, speedometer gears, or sensors. If manufacturer’s procedures are not done, the warranty will be void.
  • Labor rates are paid at a rate determined by Schmidt’s.
  • Labor times are determined by Mitchell Repair Guide using remove and install time.
  • Payments for fluids, belts, etc that are required for part replacement will only be paid at local wholesale prevailing rates.
  • Defective parts must be returned.
  • Repairs must be done by a certified shop.
  • Labor and installation parts allowance cover part replacement only. If you return a part and do not accept replacement, your coverage is void. No refunds on labor and installation parts allowance purchases after delivery of parts.
  • Part failure must be covered by above parts warranty before any labor and installation parts allowance claim will be paid.